El tratamiento de las contradicciones / The Handling of Contradictions (2013)

This show was a retrospective exhibition of recycled works, of things I threw out years before, of aborted projects, of pieces I ignored where they were and of statements made by others or by myself about who I am.    In fewer words, it was a show on the notion of “ruin”. Before the show, most of the things included were in the hands of third parts I ignored, people who collected the pieces and the fragments of my previous work as I get rid of it a couple of times during the past decade. I usually try to make void in my life by refusing to keep the things I’ve done, but there’s always someone who keeps the residues or the parts, so I conducted an intense research to try to find my lost works. And I found an important part of them. This exhibition was the evidence of the impossibility to get rid of the own life, so it structured tensions between the personal and collective histories, as well as to the social narratives on what is an art piece that deserves to be maintained and cared.